Improving restaurant profit by 10 to 15 %

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SubDine gives entrepreneurs a bird’s eye view of what’s right and wrong with business management

And offers quick fixes

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Expert analysts and powerful AI software identify hidden costs and cash leaks that drain profit

Responsive Design

his is followed by a thoroughly developed data and analytics strategy that drives smart decision making across your teams.


The result? A guaranteed increase in profit by 10-15% in just 3 months!

Design with user in mind

Transforming the way

SubDine is transforming the way businesses operate and calibrate their finances. With a focus on helping restaurants cut hidden costs resulting from back-end mismanagement

Turn our data-driven insights into your profit

Expert analysts work with our in-house AI (artificial intelligence) platform to correctly pinpoint and predict what you need to know to eliminate hidden costs accumulated through ingredient wastage, limited back-end management, and human error

Data-driven restaurant solutions

OUR GOAL: Boost your restaurant’s profitability/ROI

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You want to control your food cost ?


We are the pioneers of next-level restaurant management. Our technical proficiency and understanding of the F&B industry enable us to offer unparalleled expertise in restaurant management.
SubDine is changing the way businesses operate and calibrate their finances.

All-in- one package

SubDine is a complete package of solutions for every restaurant owner. You get:

  • Demand forecasting
  • Inventory automation
  • Smart apps access for core team members
  • A dedicated customer relationship manager
  • Back-end monitoring and optimization (Vendor - Store - Kitchen - Table)


Our reports and recommendations give you more control over your restaurants. Turn our insights into valuable actions to eliminate hidden costs that drain profit.

  • Prep for market demand
  • Allocate your budget and channel resources in the right areas
  • Stop ingredient wastage and theft
  • Source the freshest ingredients at the best rates
  • Streamline staffing needs and training
  • Boost efficiency between teams
  • Track every ingredient and task

Quick & Easy setup

You sign up. We set up and crunch the data.

Delighted Clients

Here are some of our clients reaping the benefit of our data-driven analysis.

How it works

Sign up and we’ll take care of everything – from setup to profit, we are with you every step of the way to ensure a seamless and rewarding experience.

Our Job

  • Setup our software on your system.
  • Track each ingredient that goes into preparing every single dish on your menu.
  • Thoroughly analyze cash leaks, back-end mismanagement, and inventory problems.
  • Deploy quick fixes to identified issues.
  • Provide detailed reports on vendors and suppliers that offer best market rates and freshest ingredients.

Your Job

See encouraging results within three days of going live, and measurable profits in three months!


  • A dedicated customer relationship manager assigned to your restaurant.
  • Smart apps for anytime, anywhere tasks and fixes by core members of your team.
  • Access to our exclusive web portal where you can track every detail and report.

Go live asap

  • Setup takes anywhere between 1-2 days.
  • Go live anytime between 1-14 days.
  • Watch results within 3 days of going live.

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SubDine is a team of hardcore analysts who live and breathe data. We also have the added advantage of being acutely abreast with entrepreneurial concerns about inflation, taxes, rising rents, and ever-changing food trends. Combining our expertise with the demand for excellent restaurant management, we have developed a revolutionary AI (artificial intelligence) platform to give today’s entrepreneurs the edge they need to stay on top.

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